About us


Please trust us as a strategic partner to help to build your future applications.

Andras Hegedüs, General Manager
industrial process controlling software specialist

Our Principles

From the foundation of the company in 2009, our primary aim was to offer custom software and IT solutions to our customers. Analyze, optimize, simplify, and speed up processes by creating the perfect software for their unique requirements. Most of the time companies are still unable to expand their capabilities because their processes are controlled by the wrong software. Upside-down application logic, unnecessary data representations, slow reaction time, high hardware costs and long maintainence windows, etc. lead to inefficient workflows. Keeping these in mind ITDigital builds security, ease of use, and robust functionality into all enterprise solutions so your custom-made enterprise applications do exactly what you need with your business in mind.

  • Complex Process analysation and optimisation
  • Enterprise Software Development Principles
  • Iterative Agile Approach to Software Development
  • Intuitive & Feature-Rich Design Patterns
  • Data and Information Security
  • Rich Frontend Development
  • Robust Backend Integration
  • Long term support

Our custom software development services are designed to take your unique ideas, put them into practice, and make them a reality for your satisfaction.

Our Partners and Clients

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